Art Gallery

In our hallway gallery we host several art shows throughout the year. Some are by in-house artists or church-wide projects while some are nationwide shows, like those we host from Christians In the Visual Arts (CIVA). 

Our current show is entitled "Veiled." It is by the people of Aldersgate. Each person created a layered block. On the surface during Lent we see a fogged picture and a dark handprint. This is to let us reflect on our sinful nature, our flesh, and to wait in anticipation for what is beneath to be revealed. At Easter, after much anticipation, we will literally and figuratively tear the veils (the vellum paper) and reveal what's beneath: bright colors showing us hope.

This part of our ministry has proven to add a rich and dynamic dimension to our community. If you are interested in showing your artwork at Aldersgate or want to find out more, contact our Director of Connections and Communication, Lisa Alexander at