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Aldersgate Art Gallery: Finding Grace by Megan K. Baldree


Aldersgate Art Gallery: Finding Grace by Megan K. Baldree

    Perfection is that unattainable standard toward which many people strive. For me, perfection frequently falls as both a strength and weakness in all realms of my life. Realizing things are good enough and finding grace is not the natural or default state for me.

    Nature serves as my escape. It is where I serve as witness to God's beauty and the perfection of His grace. Whether I am wandering in my flower beds, through national parks, or circling arboretums, I see God's handiwork in the petals of a flower, the branches of the towering sequoias, the chirp of birds, and roar of lions.

    Photography, and this collection specifically, is the way through which I capture glimpses of God's beauty and work. This collection is a composition of photographs from national and local parks, family backyards and vacations, and furry friends encountered along the journey. Photography is how I hold onto grace and beauty although it may flee from view.