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Christmas Art Show


Christmas Art Show
    Our current sermon series, “from Humbug to Hallelujah,” is first inspired by the Bible and Word of God, but is brought to life through the example of the movie, “A    Christmas Carol.”
         The current art show expands from the idea of this series. These movies are not Christian based, but they show the reality of life through the Christmas season and God's gift of grace to humanity in each.
         This time of year is for friends and family, traditions and memories, and Christmas movies often play a role in these traditions. A recent Facebook post encouraged members and staff to share about favorite movies, and what memories come along with them. Church member,     Melody Egger shared, “Home Alone is one of the best Christmas movies I’ve ever seen. Every year we watch that movie. My husband laughed hysterically. That’s why I love it.”
          The staff is enjoying having our hallways filled with all of our favorite Christmas movies, and we hope you are too! We want to give a special thank you to our art team members and all that they do to make our hallways welcoming and beautiful!
          This team has recently been organized by a group of our wonderful church members. We are so blessed by their willingness to continue this ministry. 
          If you are interested in joining this team, feel free to email for more information! Also, be on the look out for your invitation to add your own art into our next art show beginning in January! Grace and Peace, Kimber Morgan