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Disciples in Action: Susan Placencia


Disciples in Action: Susan Placencia
         Susan is the Assistant Director at theAcademy, which is what brought her to
    Aldersgate in the first place. “I am blessed to work with my best friend (Carol Rogers) as we serve thefamilies and staff of the Academy together. I look
    forward to work each day!”
         In the summer of 2005, Susan was looking for apreschool for her daughter. During the search she found herself in the Academy. Carol Rogers, our
    Director, offered her a job teaching. Carol and Susan’s daughters ended up in the same class and quickly became best friends, which, in turn, led to their own friendship.
         During this time, Susan worked in the nursery as well as in the office, which is where you can find her still to this day. Susan describes her job with enthusiasm.
         “Carol and I try to provide a high-quality environment for all the children, parents and employees!” she says. “I really love this job because it allows me to learn and grow in my faith.” Susan believes that having Aldersgate church members invested in the Academy as one of its mission field areas is what makes the Academy so successful.
         “Thanks to this relationship, we are able to meet the spiritual and physical needs of our families when they arise,” she says. “The Academy has taught everyone involved to be
    proactive in reaching out to others, which deepens our own faith as we allow Jesus to work through us for others. I have seen so much gratitude expressed as parents and teachers hug us, cry with us, and pray with us. This is how relationships are formed which then leads many of our families to visit the church, some have even joined.”
         If you are interested in getting involved with our Academy, volunteers are always needed for events throughout the year. Please reach out to
    for more information.