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Mission Field: McMagnets Return to the Garden!


Mission Field: McMagnets Return to the Garden!

    Mission Field: McMagnets Return to the Garden!

    At the Open Door Community Garden, spring will bring the return of warm weather, beautiful flowers, delicious fruits, crisp vegetables . . . and the McMagnets!

    You may remember that last spring, the 5th graders at the magnet school that is associated with McMurry University adopted our community garden as their outdoor classroom. They planted vegetables and flowers and returned to examine and tend to the growth throughout the semester. This fall, a new class of McMagnets helped to build another keyhole garden at the Open Door.

    Now the spring semester is upon us and the students and their teachers are ready to return to South 19th + Amarillo! The teachers, Marsha Hammack and Holly Samuels, have invited church members to return to the McMagnet classroom to offer math and science lessons related to gardening. The students will spend several afternoons in the garden as they prepare once again to plant and maintain a portion of the Open Door. As they participate in the life of the garden, the students also will be invited to join in the life of the neighborhood in additional ways, as they bring non-perishable foods for the Free Food Box and children’s books for the Little Free Library.

    This partnership is a great example of how various aspects of our local mission field overlap as we all come together for the good of our community. Students, some whom attend our worship services and/or live in our neighborhood are learning to garden under the guidance of members of our congregation, and those same students are contributing to the good work of the garden, which is free to be enjoyed by all. God is a work int these relationships, and for that, we can say, “Thanks be to God!”

    If you are interesting in participating in this partnership with the McMagnets or in the Open Door Community Garden in any way, please contact Pastor Amy at