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New Bible Study!


New Bible Study!

    Well we began a new round of bible studies.  I am leading Aldersgate 501 on Tuesday evenings at 6PM.  This is the third session our people have gathered to study together.  The study that we are using is titled, “Growing Strong in God’s Family:  Bearing Fruit.” Twelve of us have ventured together to study and observe God’s word. 

    We will walk together for the next 10-12 weeks.  We have grown close to each other and closer to Christ.  We read the bible every day in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.  The highlight of the week is when we share with each other what we have read.  This is one of my favorite studies because we study for “formation” as opposed to “information”.  If you happen to pass by the patio room on Tuesday evenings you will hear many voices discussing the power of God in their lives.  If you ever feel compelled to join our group I am sure we would love to have you.