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Pack Your Bags


Pack Your Bags

    At Aldersgate, that phrase is one of encouragement rather than dismissal. That’s because short-term mission trips are one of four primary ways that we in this community go about our mission of raising up deeply devoted disciples of Jesus.
    When we talk about short-term mission trips, we mean...
    Church-wide sponsored initiatives beyond Aldersgate’s local mission field through which teams of people are invited to grow spiritually as they embrace opportunities to address the needs of others through service by demonstrating God’s love in tangible ways and inviting the people they meet to become followers of Jesus.
    Right now, trips are being planned by Aldersgate team leaders for 2019 to San Antonio, Panama and Peru.
    A new year is a great time to make a commitment to serve people in other parts of the state and the world. If you are interested in serving on a short-term mission team this year, please contact the following team leaders for more information about the service projects and trip expenses...
    You may already have served or have signed up to serve on a short-term mission trip. If so, wonderful! If not, it is too late. Any time you hear about another opportunity to join a short-term mission team from Aldersgate, you are invited to take another next step in your growth as a disciple! So, pack your bags!

    For general questions about who to reach out to for information about each team, reach out to or 672-7893.