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We Need YOUR Art!


We Need YOUR Art!
        All right Aldersgate, the Art Team needs YOUR help! We want to kick off 2019 with your art.
         “Painting with a Twist” style classes have been incredibly popular recently, and we’re hoping that you’ll be willing to share your art with us.
         Never taken a class? Bring in a 16 by 20 inch canvas of your own! Taken a bunch of classes? Bring us several! We are wanting the show to be hung by the first weekend in January, so bring your painted canvas to the church office no later than December 23!
         Be sure to have your information tucked into the back side of the canvas so we know to whom it belongs, you can use the card below for this.
         If you’re thinking this could be a HUGE show, you would be correct. This means we will also need some help hanging the show. Right now, this is scheduled for January 5th or 6th, time TBD. If you’d like to help us with this show (or any other show in the future), fill out the bottom portion and return it to the offering plates or baskets. Happy arting! -Tammy Werner