At Aldersgate we believe that our generosity is a matter of spiritual growth as we invite God to draw us into deeper trust of divine provision and grace. So, thank you so much for your generosity. Your contribution is an investment in our mission of raising up deeply devoted disciples of Jesus and carries the good news of God’s grace into our local mission field and around the world! 



Cash or Check: Place your cash or check gift into the offering plate or basket during any worship service or mail to Aldersgate United Methodist Church / 1741 Sayles Boulevard / Abilene, Texas 79605.

Automatic Bank Pay (Bill-Pay): Schedule payments from your bank account directly to the church.

ACH Payments (Automatic Withdrawal): Monthly designated gifts can be deducted from your bank account on the 5th or 20th of each month. If you are interested in this, email  . Click here for  ACH Form

Stocks or Appreciated Property: Cash donations are just one way to contribute to the mission of Aldersgate UMC. If you want to make a charitable gift before the end of the year, consider appreciated property. LEARN MORE



General Budget

Every year, we as followers of Jesus at Aldersgate ask, “What percentage of our income is God calling us to give to provide for the ministries of the church?” Our answers and our faithful giving as a result serve as the lifeblood of our mission to raise up deeply devoted disciples of Jesus. The best way to be generous in our giving to the church is to give to this fund without restriction or designation, trusting that the Holy Spirit is at work and empowering the staff to lead their ministry areas with the vision God has given then.


Faith Promise

Every year, we as followers of Jesus at Aldersgate also ask, “What amount do we believe God will be faithful to provide, over and above our regular giving to the general budget?” Our answers and our faithful giving of these “Faith Promise” gifts provide the resources needed to fund our efforts in our local mission field and with our short-term mission trips. These funds are allocated by a team in the church known as the Mission Task Force.

Permanent Endowment Fund

This fund serves as a place to give toward the future of Aldersgate United Methodist Church. Interest accrued from this fund can be used for present needs. For more information, please call (325) 672-7893